From lace-up styles to over-the-knee pairs, browse luxurious women's boots made from leather, suede and more.

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  1. Sole Society
  2. Vince Camuto
  3. Jessica Simpson
  4. Matisse
  5. Ugg ®
  1. Calvenia Calvenia
    Sole Society Calvenia
    Special Price $55.98 Regular Price $139.95
  2. Laraine Laraine
    Jessica Simpson Laraine
  3. Classic Tall II Classic Tall II
    Ugg ® Classic Tall II
    Ugg ® QUINCY
  5. Daleena Daleena
    Sole Society Daleena
    Special Price $79.98 Regular Price $159.95
  6. Danilynn Danilynn
    Sole Society Danilynn
    Special Price $59.98 Regular Price $149.95
  7. Carlie Carlie
    Sole Society Carlie
    Special Price $69.98 Regular Price $139.95
  8. Melbourne Melbourne
    Sole Society Melbourne
    Special Price $67.48 Regular Price $149.95
  9. Noamie Noamie
    Sole Society Noamie
    Special Price $62.98 Regular Price $139.95
  10. Aileena Aileena
    Sole Society Aileena
    Special Price $74.98 Regular Price $149.95
  11. Juno Juno
    Sole Society Juno
    Special Price $69.98 Regular Price $139.95
  12. Tiff Tiff
    Sole Society Tiff
    Special Price $74.98 Regular Price $149.95
  13. Calypso Calypso
    Sole Society Calypso
    Special Price $64.98 Regular Price $129.95
  14. Franzie Franzie
    Sole Society Franzie
    Special Price $74.98 Regular Price $149.95
  15. Paloma Paloma
    Sole Society Paloma
    Special Price $69.98 Regular Price $139.95
  16. Devlin Devlin
    Sole Society Devlin
    Special Price $74.98 Regular Price $149.95
  17. Bali Bali
    Sole Society Bali
    Special Price $74.98 Regular Price $149.95
    Vince Camuto WALDAN
  19. Kirin Kirin
    Matisse Kirin
    Special Price $139.27 Regular Price $198.95
  20. Gerii Gerii
    Sole Society Gerii
    Special Price $59.98 Regular Price $119.95
  21. Benedict Benedict
    Sole Society Benedict
    Special Price $97.97 Regular Price $139.95
  22. Coatia Coatia
    Vince Camuto Coatia
    Special Price $98.98 Regular Price $197.95
  23. Armaceli Armaceli
    Vince Camuto Armaceli
    Special Price $98.98 Regular Price $197.95
  24. Thanta Thanta
    Vince Camuto Thanta
    Special Price $160.27 Regular Price $228.95
  25. Talorini Talorini
    Vince Camuto Talorini
    Special Price $125.27 Regular Price $178.95
  26. Kentra Kentra
    Vince Camuto Kentra
    Special Price $160.27 Regular Price $228.95
  27. Hawn Hawn
    Sole Society Hawn
    Special Price $69.98 Regular Price $139.95

27 results

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What does Sole Society offer in terms of women's boots?

At Sole Society, we love a good pair of boots. Whether they’re infused with equestrian vibes or filled with fluffy fur, or collection of women’s boots is vast. No matter what time of year it is, we always have a wide selection of boots. Over-the-knee boots, ankle boots, calf height boots—we’ve got them all.

Our women’s boots come from all over the world. We hand select boots from some of our favorite brands, creating a unique collection that you can only find at Sole Society. Not only do we partner with big-name brands, but we also develop a signature collection of women’s boots. Using only the best materials, we craft boots that will seamlessly blend into any wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Are Sole Society boots comfortable?

When selecting the boots in our collection, we base our picks off of three principal identifiers, style, comfort, and versatility. When craft and choose our shoes, we always keep the needs of the modern day woman in mind. Whether you’re running around the city or taking it easy on the boardwalk, we know that comfort is a big priority in creating your outfit for the day. All of the boots in our collection are made with quality materials and crafted with comfort in mind so you can have a day worth of support wherever you end up.

If you need added comfort, we offer targeted padded inserts that can help provide your heels, toes, and feet with extra cushion. Slip them into your boots before heading out the door, and you’ll be in blissful comfort all day long.

How to pick the right size and width?

If you’re like most, you’re probably a different size everywhere you shop. So are we. To help you find the perfect size, we’ve broken down a few fitting notes for each pair of boots that we offer. When you spot that perfect pair of boots, take a peek at the product description. Below, we’ve outlined a few essential fit notes for you to reference and find the right size shoe. We describe the material used, the heel height, the fitting, and the width of the boot so you can feel confident hitting ‘add to cart.’

Note: When shopping for boots, remember that you’ll most likely be wearing socks in your boot. If you live in a climate where thick socks are a necessity, consider this before selecting your size. You may want to choose a bigger size to avoid feeling tightness.

What materials are the boots made of?

At Sole Society, every pair of boots in our collection is made from quality materials. We know that boots can last through the seasons if made with the right materials, which is why all of the boots on our site are tested and live up to our quality standards. While our boots are constructed of many different materials, a few of the most common are: Suede, Leather, Rubber, Stretch elastic, and more. These materials have proven to be long-lasting, beautiful, and always on trend.

How do you take care of women's boots?

Caring for your boots is simple if you have the right products. For leather boots, investing in a waterproof or water resistant spray will keep your boots safe and protected for years on end. You’ll also need a leather conditioner to keep your boots conditioned and free of cracks and drying. Every once in a while your heels might need to be replaced. Take a look at the condition of your heels every six months. The sooner you repair your heels, the less it will cost you. If you have over the knee boots, store them with boot trees placed in them. This will hold the shape of your boots and keep them from creasing and cracking when folded over.

For suede boots, a suede brush will come in handy. A suede brush or suede eraser can help remove stubborn dirt and help eliminate stains as well. As suede begins to wear, areas get shiny and matted. These tools will help reduce those signs and keep your boots looking brand new for years on end.