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Stylish and spacious women's satchels that can easily be carried everywhere and anywhere.

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  1. Giada Giada
    Sole Society Giada
  2. Lexington Lexington
    Sole Society Lexington
  3. Amada Amada
    Sole Society Amada
  4. Carol Carol
    Sole Society Carol
  5. Nemali Nemali
    Sole Society Nemali
  6. Destin Satchel Destin Satchel
    Sole Society Destin Satchel
  7. Marcy Marcy
    Sole Society Marcy Satchel
  8. Estella Medium Satchel Estella Medium Satchel
    Sole Society Estella Medium Satchel
  9. Mikayla Mikayla
    Sole Society Mikayla
  10. Jess Jess
    Sole Society Jess
    Special Price $41.97 Regular Price $69.95
  11. Tracy Tracy
    Sole Society Tracy
  12. Chase Chase
    Sole Society Chase
  13. Suzette Suzette
    Sole Society Suzette
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  14. Girard Girard
    Sole Society Girard
  15. Christie Christie
    Sole Society Christie
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  16. Jeanine Jeanine
    Sole Society Jeanine
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  17. Izzy Izzy
    Sole Society Izzy
  18. Greyson Greyson
    Sole Society Greyson
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  19. Zola Zola
    Sole Society Zola
    Special Price $29.98 Regular Price $59.95
  20. Rosamund Rosamund
    Sole Society Rosamund
  21. Holly Satchel Holly Satchel
    Vince Camuto Holly Satchel
  22. Kimmie Kimmie
    Sole Society Kimmie
  23. Haven Flap Haven Flap
    Vince Camuto Haven Flap
  24. Amalia Amalia
    Sole Society Amalia

24 results

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Women’s Satchels

A structured satchel oozes sophistication. This bag has been a go-to for girl bosses since the dawn of time. Supple, vegan leather satchels with sturdy hardware are timeless. At Sole Society, we hand select every satchel you see in our collection. We carry some of the names in the business to make sure your everyday satchel remains your everyday satchel for many moons.

Satchel Styles We Offer

Refined, sophisticated, and sturdy, satchels are built to last. Adorned with polished hardware, swinging tassels, and braided trim, your new satchel bag is ready to take on the day with you. Our satchels range from genuine leather to soft suede to casual canvas so you can seamlessly blend a new satchel into your personal style.

Styling with Satchels

Your satchel can take your outfit from laid back and casual to polished and preppy. Your structured satchel will complement your high waisted shirt, perfectly pressed button up, and comfy cardigan, giving you that classically cool look you crave. Finish your look with sleek straight hair pulled half up and give the rest a huge bouncy curl for to give off good-girl vibes all day long. Shop all of our satchel bags above to add that little hint of sophistication your wardrobe craves.