Our latest women's jewelry collection is a mix of classic and statement-making necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.

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  1. Sole Society
  2. Karen London
  1. Crystal Collar Statement Necklace Crystal Collar Statement Necklace
    Sole Society Crystal Collar Statement Necklace
  2. Oversize Statement Bib Oversize Statement Bib
    Sole Society Oversize Statement Bib
  3. Multistrand Beaded Necklace Multistrand Beaded Necklace
    Sole Society Multistrand Beaded Necklace
  4. Bohemian Multistrand Beaded Necklace Bohemian Multistrand Beaded Necklace
    Sole Society Bohemian Multistrand Beaded Necklace
  5. Tribal Beaded Necklace Tribal Beaded Necklace
    Sole Society Tribal Beaded Necklace
  6. Beaded Layered Necklace Beaded Layered Necklace
    Sole Society Beaded Layered Necklace
  7. Crochet Tiered Earrings Crochet Tiered Earrings
    Sole Society Crochet Tiered Earrings
  8. Interlinked Beaded Necklace Interlinked Beaded Necklace
    Sole Society Interlinked Beaded Necklace
  9. Braided Beaded Necklace Braided Beaded Necklace
    Sole Society Braided Beaded Necklace
  10. Seashore Statement Necklace Seashore Statement Necklace
    Sole Society Seashore Statement Necklace
  11. Pink Shell Layered Necklace Pink Shell Layered Necklace
    Sole Society Pink Shell Layered Necklace
  12. Dainty Teardrop Earring Dainty Teardrop Earring
    Sole Society Dainty Teardrop Earring
  13. Pavana Triple Tiered Drop Earrings Pavana Triple Tiered Drop Earrings
    Sole Society Pavana Triple Tiered Drop Earrings
  14. Brushed Hoop Earrings Brushed Hoop Earrings
    Sole Society Brushed Hoop Earrings
  15. Pendant Necklace Pendant Necklace
    Sole Society Pendant Necklace
  16. Dainty Oversize Hoop Earrings Dainty Oversize Hoop Earrings
    Sole Society Dainty Oversize Hoop Earrings
  17. Toscana Beaded Statement Earring Toscana Beaded Statement Earring
    Sole Society Toscana Beaded Statement Earring
  18. Beaded Tassel Bracelet Beaded Tassel Bracelet
    Sole Society Beaded Tassel Bracelet
  19. Textured Drop Earrings Textured Drop Earrings
    Sole Society Textured Drop Earrings
  20. Wooden Duster Earrings Wooden Duster Earrings
    Sole Society Wooden Duster Earrings
  21. Tiered Wooden Statement Earrings Tiered Wooden Statement Earrings
    Sole Society Tiered Wooden Statement Earrings
  22. Textured Stone Pendant Necklace Textured Stone Pendant Necklace
    Sole Society Textured Stone Pendant Necklace
  23. Coasta Statement Necklace Coasta Statement Necklace
    Sole Society Coasta Statement Necklace
  24. Statement Beaded Bracelet Statement Beaded Bracelet
    Sole Society Statement Beaded Bracelet
  25. Stone Stretch Bracelet Stone Stretch Bracelet
    Sole Society Stone Stretch Bracelet
  26. Stone Beaded Stretch Bracelet Stone Beaded Stretch Bracelet
    Sole Society Stone Beaded Stretch Bracelet
  27. Lotus Statement Earrings Lotus Statement Earrings
    Sole Society Lotus Statement Earrings
  28. Moonlight Drop Earrings Moonlight Drop Earrings
    Sole Society Moonlight Drop Earrings
  29. Pina Tassel Earrings Pina Tassel Earrings
    Sole Society Pina Tassel Earrings
  30. Artisanal Beaded Bracelet Artisanal Beaded Bracelet
    Sole Society Artisanal Beaded Bracelet
  31. Hammered Chain Link Statement Earrings Hammered Chain Link Statement Earrings
    Sole Society Hammered Chain Link Statement Earrings
  32. Mirrored Cuff Mirrored Cuff
    Sole Society Mirrored Cuff
  33. Rustic Beaded Statement Necklace Rustic Beaded Statement Necklace
    Sole Society Rustic Beaded Statement Necklace
  34. Sugarplum Statement Necklace Sugarplum Statement Necklace
    Sole Society Sugarplum Statement Necklace
  35. Statement Necklace Statement Necklace
    Sole Society Statement Necklace
  36. Statement Cuff Statement Cuff
    Sole Society Statement Cuff
  37. Statement Crystal Necklace Statement Crystal Necklace
    Sole Society Statement Crystal Necklace
  38. Meeko Tassel Statement Necklace Meeko Tassel Statement Necklace
    Sole Society Meeko Tassel Statement Necklace
  39. Molten Metal Statement Earrings Molten Metal Statement Earrings
    Sole Society Molten Metal Statement Earrings
  40. Hoop Earring Hoop Earring
    Sole Society Hoop Earring
  41. Global Beaded Cuff Global Beaded Cuff
    Sole Society Global Beaded Cuff
  42. Triple Tassel Statement Earring Triple Tassel Statement Earring
    Sole Society Triple Tassel Statement Earring
  43. Wooden Tribal Bangles Wooden Tribal Bangles
    Sole Society Wooden Tribal Bangles
  44. Coasta Beaded Hoop Earrings Coasta Beaded Hoop Earrings
    Sole Society Coasta Beaded Hoop Earrings
  45. Circle Pendant Necklace Circle Pendant Necklace
    Sole Society Circle Pendant Necklace
  46. Linear Orbit Duster Earrings Linear Orbit Duster Earrings
    Sole Society Linear Orbit Duster Earrings
  47. Empire Statement Tassel Necklace Empire Statement Tassel Necklace
    Sole Society Empire Statement Tassel Necklace
  48. Beaded Cluster Earrings Beaded Cluster Earrings
    Sole Society Beaded Cluster Earrings
  49. Textured Oversized Chain Necklace
    Sole Society Textured Oversized Chain Necklace
  50. Twisted Metal Statement Earrings Twisted Metal Statement Earrings
    Sole Society Twisted Metal Statement Earrings
  51. Beaded Triple Ball Drop Earrings Beaded Triple Ball Drop Earrings
    Sole Society Beaded Triple Ball Drop Earrings
  52. Floating Sphere Drop Earrings Floating Sphere Drop Earrings
    Sole Society Floating Sphere Drop Earrings
  53. Oasis Pendant Necklace Oasis Pendant Necklace
    Sole Society Oasis Pendant Necklace
  54. Gold Filled Stone Tassel Earring Gold Filled Stone Tassel Earring
    Sole Society Gold Filled Stone Tassel Earring
  55. Circle Tassel Pendant Necklace Circle Tassel Pendant Necklace
    Sole Society Circle Tassel Pendant Necklace
    Special Price $29.97 Regular Price $49.95
  56. Interlink Hoop Drop Earrings Interlink Hoop Drop Earrings
    Sole Society Interlink Hoop Drop Earrings
    Special Price $22.17 Regular Price $36.95
  57. Tassel Statement Earrings Tassel Statement Earrings
    Sole Society Tassel Statement Earrings
  58. Industrial Drop Earrings Industrial Drop Earrings
    Sole Society Industrial Drop Earrings
  59. Modernist Statement Necklace Modernist Statement Necklace
    Sole Society Modernist Statement Necklace
  60. Cove Statement Earrings Cove Statement Earrings
    Sole Society Cove Statement Earrings
    Special Price $29.97 Regular Price $49.95

215 results

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Women's Jewelry

Nothing pulls an outfit together better than the right jewelry. The right necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings can take your outfit from casual to classy. At Sole Society, we’ve hand-selected a vast selection of women’s jewelry from some of the best names in the business so you can find exactly what you’re looking for in one place. Scroll up to shop all of our women’s jewelry now!

Jewelry We Offer

Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or an everyday wear item, you’ll find it at Sole Society. From gold and silver classics to bold pom and tassel pieces, we’re always updating our collection of jewelry to stay on the pulse of fashion. We’ve stocked our shop with endless statement necklaces, stud earrings, stackable bangles, and rings galore.

Styling Tips

Before you head out the door, do a quick accessory check. Are you doing too much? Take an item off before you head out to conquer the day in effortless style. Not enough? Add a simple, dainty necklace or pair of earrings and you’ll become an instant it-girl. With the right combination of jewelry, you can take your look from blah to beautiful. Start shopping our curated collection of women’s jewelry now!